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Fine sand as long as the eye, white lilies beside the sea, but also hidden spots in the dunes for magical sunset ...

These are some of the icons that make up the landscape of the beaches of Ilia, which together with Ancient Olympia is the most important "attraction" of the prefecture.

paralia Kyllini  paralia Kyllini

paralia Kyllini

July-August 2 km, at village Floka

The Ancient Olympia Festival fis characterized by the variety of themes and aims to the appointment of all the areas of the ancient site, the two ancient theaters (THE THEATRE OF OLYMPIA FLOKA and the small theatre Drouva), the exhibition areas, events at the pedestrian zone of Olympia town. Concerts, theatrical plays for children and adults, photography exhibitions and even more are waiting for the visitors to enjoy a wonderful summer.

Ancient Ilida Festival

July-August 57 km, near Kyllini

Mideia, Orestis, Ekavi, Iphigenia and other ancient comedies and dramas come back to life every summer in the Ancient Theatre of Ilida. Ancient Ilida, was one of the most important cultural centres of Peloponnesus in ancient times, and was the host city of the Games and the capital of Ilia. This leading cultural event includes representations in the Ancient Theatre of Ilidas, musical events in the Castle Chlemoutsi as well as parallel activities in the place of ancient Ilida and in the city of Amaliada.

Coastal Routes



Schedules Kyllini-Zakynthos

Schedules Zakyntos-Kyllini

More: »   http://www.olympiaholiday.gr/ilia/tourism/articles/article.jsp?context=1504&categoryid=2962&articleid=5467





Schedules Kyllini-Kefalonia

Schedules Kefalonia-Kyllini

more »    http://www.olympiaholiday.gr/ilia/tourism/articles/article.jsp?context=1504&categoryid=2962&articleid=5466 Bottom of Form


Kaukalidas island is located at a short distance from the port of Kyllini. The island is dominated by a lighthouse built in 1906 with a tower height of 15 meters. Today, the island can still be visited by boat. In addition to the lighthouse, on the island of Kaykalidas there are Roman tombs and ruins of an early Christian Church.

Head Office




TEL:+30 210 9648718

MOB:+30 6977509555